About me

Hi, I am Bjorn van Sinttruije. Here’s some facts about me:

  • I live in a town called Ridderkerk, just to the South of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. Not the kind of town to come take street photographs, I might add.
  • Street and documentary photography is (just) my passion. I do not make money taking pictures, nor do I necessarily want to. I just enjoy taking pictures a lot, am always the guy with the camera, and indeed I do not leave home without one of my Leicas.
  • What? Two Leicas? Yes, but only one ‘real’ one. I have an M9-P as well as a D-Lux 5, which I won in a Facebook contest Leica organised.
  • Though I would prefer to be out on the street, I spend most of my time studying for my masters in Marketing Management. Branding is my main interest.

Want to know more about me? Leave a comment and if I feel like sharing, I will add my answer to this post.

You can follow me here on my blog, or on your preferred social media site:

Thanks for visiting and feel free to ask me any question down below!


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